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Biobank LN2 Freezer

Biobank Series has six models with capacity of 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, and 1800. Biobank Series is designed to ensure the maximum storage capacity with the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen to lower the overall cost of operations. To know more about Cryobank products, please contact our us at 1-800-209-2082 or email us at



Top of freezer has rotating handle to rotate the sections of the internal cavity to make target samples available to the opening to fetch samples. The handle can avoid the suffering of turning 500-900KG samples and meanwhile avoid cryogenic burns.


One-piece foldable single-layer step or one-piece foldable double-layer stainless steel steps. Forklift can be used to load and unload, convenient to move the freezer.


Back up battery is available for auto-fill control and alarm system, ensuring safety of the system. Motor-driven sample withdrawal device is available for automatic withdrawal of cryogenic racks, convenient to operate, avoid frostbite or cryogenic burns.


The hinge designed lid is equipped with sealing coating and safety lock, better convenience and safety.
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